Tuesday, April 26, 2011

INVENTIONS: Beautiful, Stylish Mattress and Bedding in a Unique Style

Being comfort and having a comfortable sleep is most preferable over all other issues, as good sleep results in fresh arouse consequently some designers took such steps to offer you such bedding in a unique and beautiful style for all age people.

The Car Shaped bed.

This is not only one of those fantasy car beds especially design for kids but also this is the front of a vintage Mercedes that just happens to have a bed trailing behind it.

Photo by: http://roomunik.blogspot.com/2011/01/bed-design-shaped-mercedes-car.html

The book bed

This extremely unbelievable snuggly-looking design is the sleep station of our childhood dreams. Books played as an inspirational role for kids and to seek this here is another strangely-shaped bedding. More comfortable.

The hamburger

Kayla Kromer -the great designer- designed this beefy bed by hand with a round '70s mattress and a needle and thread. She sold this bed on ebay and it now exists in in the official HUMBURGER museum, but it could be yours for $25,000.

Photo by: http://hamburgerbed.com/

The disproportionate mama bear.

A cool bear shaped bed.

Photo by: http://www.sweetretreatkids.com/

The Castle- Shaped Bed

A new castle shaped bed design for more comfortable and princess-style sleep zone is a mere $ 1700.

Photo by: www.crayoncastles.com

The Millennium Falcon bed

The hamburger bed genius woman (pictured as Princess Leia) also built this fantasy Star Wars sleeper with night time working headlights.

The roller-coaster

This bed also known as twin bed set was created by a Cuban art group for a gallery.

Photo by: www.neatorama.com