Friday, November 23, 2007

The Mongoose and the Snake

In a small home lived a girl named Sana with her grandmother. She had a pet mongoose named Gem and a dog, named Poppy. And behind her home lived a snake.Everyday Sana and her grandmother would go out. The dog, Poppy was jealous of Gem because he felt that Gem was treated better than him. One fine day Poppy decided to kill Gem. He saw Gem roaming around the home and went behind him.But just then, Gem saw a snake behind Poppy, and immediately rushed to kill snake to save Poppy.There was a big fight between Gem and the snake. Poppy was stunned to see Gem fighting with the snake to save his life. He realized his mistake. Gem killed the snake. Poppy ran to Gem and asked him to pardon him for planning to kill him. Sana returned home from her school and saw both Gem and Poppy laughing and playing together. She was happy to see this and picked both in her arms and took them inside the home. After that they all lived happily.